The clingy baby stage


Poppy will turn seven months tomorrow, and up until now she has been pretty good about letting other people hold her. I think she has to be, in a sense. When I have to race across the playground and rescue Soren from a fall, or take him to the bathroom, I often have to pass Poppy to the nearest set of adult arms. A few days ago she got sick for the first time, and since then I cannot be out of her sight. If I put her down she watches me very carefully, and as soon as I'm out of sight starts wailing. I feel badly for her, of course, but it is rather exhausting.

When Soren was seven months old we took a quick trip to Calgary to visit my brother. Soren was soooo clingy, I literally could not put him down for a second. He had just turned seven months at the time, so we seem to have a pattern. It makes for some interesting baby/mama bonding sessions.

Speaking of my brother, he made a surprise visit to Winnipeg! He drove through the night on Friday, arriving at my parents house on Saturday morning. Soren, Poppy, and I headed over for coffee later in the afternoon, having no idea we would be seeing a special visitor. This is his first time meeting Poppy, and we're hoping to spend some more time with him over the next few days. Sadly, he's not getting many Poppy cuddles… but we'll keep trying:) She's quite the cuddler, and I'm soaking up as many as I can get while it lasts.

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