Sunday Picnic


We took advantage of the nice weather this weekend and played at a lot of parks. Soren has decided that he likes 'friends', and runs up to every kid he sees asking to play with them. After months of indifference towards other children, this is a welcome change. It also makes going to the park pretty easy, because I can sit in the grass with Poppy and not worry as much about entertaining him. He's off with his friends, chasing each other, comparing Star Wars t-shirts, or chatting about life on a park bench. I would just die to know exactly what they were talking about on that bench, with their little legs swinging beneath them! (This was a 'friend' made only minutes before this serious discussion.)

The weekend is not over yet, and we are all looking forward to another day together tomorrow for Victoria Day. Hopefully we will manage to sleep in past 6am, and can get a leisurely start to the day with coffees in hand and a stroll to the park. Our neighbourhood has come alive over these past few weeks, and it's so nice to chat with neighbours while watching the kids play up and down the street. There is a special grey cat that we've nicknamed 'Smokey' that Soren likes to visit, ants to chase, and lots of bark to collect. Very important things to do, especially for someone who's not yet three.

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