Secret Garden


While in Charleston we visited the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. The gardens were absolutely breathtaking. The day was hot but overcast, and shortly after we arrived it began raining. Luckily, we were inside touring the plantation house at that point, and by the end of the 45-minute tour the rain had been reduced to a mere drizzle. It felt a little like a dream… the clouds would part a little and the gardens would light up in a hazy stream of light. While there were plenty of other people there, it was so large and quiet that it felt like we were exploring every little secret hideaway by ourselves. We couldn't have picked a nicer way to spend a morning, complete with a friendly passerby taking our only photo of all three of us (even if it's a tad blurry).

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Unknown said...

Looks beautful!!! I would give anything to feel soe of that humidity - if even just for a moment :)