How to make your husband happy...


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...throw away your hideous, misshapen, ten-year old pyjamas! I'm not a huge fan of making new years resolutions, but one of the things I chose to do at the beginning of 2014 was replace my pyjamas. I had been collecting free t-shirts (you know the ones you get at conferences?), old sweatpants, leggings, and other sad looking items for years. My pyjama drawer was overflowing, yet there were very few pieces inside that I actually liked.

In addition, my husband would actually cringe when I pulled certain items out of the drawer. I can't say that I dress for my husband - I dress for me - but usually I value his opinion and opt to wear things that he thinks I look good in. Except at bedtime, that is. It seemed odd to get dressed up and put together for my day at home with the kids, only to throw on the ugliest things I could find to spend time with my husband. I did own several nicer nighties or matching pyjama sets, and when I wore them to bed I often woke up feeling better.

While my husband does not always agree that I need new clothes, he was quite happy when I announced I was throwing out my old pj drawer. I've slowly been replacing it with items like this cotton nightshirt from The Bay, or these crocheted boxer shorts from Target. I'm not spending a lot of money on the new things, and they are not particularly sexy, just a step up from pyjama bottoms that were probably a christmas gift in 1998, and a 'Fun Run' t-shirt with multiple holes in it. (Just in case, I've hidden away ONE (matching) set of extra comfy ugly pi's in case I am sick - or need them for Halloween or something.) So far the resolution is going great, and I even feel better when I wake up for those 5am feedings. I slip on a robe and feel like a woman, rather than a teenage slob, and I know my husband is happier not to be sharing a bed with that teenage slob:)

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