Bare legs


The summer has arrived in full force, and we've been busy playing in the sand, picnicking, and blowing bubbles. This past saturday the St. Norbert Farmers Market opened, which is always one of our favourite things to do on summer weekends. Of course, no fresh produce was available yet, but we bought some farm fresh eggs, delicious farmers sausage, and sipped coffees and lemonades in the sun. The day was HOT. From temperatures near freezing a week ago, to highs in the 30's this week, summer has really arrived overnight. We are not complaining!

Our computer has been pretty touchy these past few days, and tends to freeze and re-start all the time. I'm adding it to the ever-growing list of things that need to be repaired around here. The breaks on my car are making a terrible noise, our sofa has too many holes to count, and our front door handle fell off weeks ago. (It still locks - it just looks very strange.) Money seems to be tighter than normal these days, but I feel like that is often cyclical. Hopefully we will be on an upward swing soon enough, and can slowly peck away at our to-do list. There are most certainly plenty of things to do that don't cost money, things like scrubbing the oven clean and purging everything from our overfilled basement. Sometimes de-cluttering can make me feel 'richer', in a sense. And we are of course thankful everyday for our health… which is what I always remind myself if I feel a little overwhelmed by life. The summer also helps a lot - the park is free, and we often have the best times there, playing and basking in the fresh air. The babies don't care about 'stuff', so long as we are with them and they have food in their tummies, and we are more than able to provide them that.

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la petite lulu said...

Hooray for warmer temps! I love seeing Poppy in her little bonnets, so sweet :) I agree - de-cluttering is a good thing. It certainly always helps make me realise just how little stuff we really 'need'.