The worst winter


The numbers are in, and this has officially been the worst winter of my life. It's also the worst winter of my parents lives, and even my grandparents. Yep, the winter of 2013/14 was the coldest on record since 1898. No wonder I have been looking at job postings and real estate listings in warmer parts of Canada! The cold weather started back in October - right around Poppy's birth - and hasn't let up since. These pictures were taken last weekend at The Forks, and you can see the massive amounts of snow that still cover everything in sight.

The last few days have been much better, and we even managed to play at a playground for a few minutes today. The mountains of snow are turning into puddles, but I'm thrilled to be wearing my rubber boots and lighter coat. Looking back, the last six months have been pretty tough. We are VERY excited to be escaping to South Carolina and Georgia in a few short days. Bring on the sun!

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