Post-partum health and diet


Over the last few months I have made an effort to focus on health and well-being. I've tried to curb my sugar addiction while staying full and energized throughout the day. In my experience, breast-feeding makes me super hungry, almost all of the time. But, with two little kids constantly grabbing at me, it's tough to find the time to make healthy balanced meals.

Enter the smoothie. Easily one of my favourite go-to lunches, it is fast, easy, and nutritious. I was excited to try out a new product called Now for Mothers Healing Mix. This healing mix is a natural and organic blend of flax, almonds, pine nuts and other yummy ingredients. It's designed to keep you full over a sustained period of time, and also aid in lactation.

I added a scoop of the healing mix to my favourite smoothie and drank it for lunch. It tastes a bit like homemade granola, which I also love, but don't always have time to make. Two little ones were also dying to try it… well one in particular. Soren took a big drink and proclaimed it to be 'delicious!', so it passed the test in our household. As I was running around for the rest of the day I was surprised to see that several hours had passed, and I didn't feel hungry in the least. I am usually a pretty bad 'grazer', but I had no desire to pick at Soren's goldfish crackers or sneak in a bite of chocolate.

I'll be adding this healing mix to my grocery list, and it would also be a perfect gift for new mothers. I always try to give the gift of food to new moms (and dads!), and I'll definitely tuck a bag of this alongside some fresh muffins or a ready-to-eat dinner.

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Crystal said...

Hi! Where can you purchase this mix in Wpg??

Erika said...

Hi Crystal! On their website it says the mix is available at Superstore. I haven't checked myself, though.