Oh Savannah


We recently visited Savannah, Georgia, after spending three wonderful nights in Charleston. Savannah is located about two hours south of Charleston, yet we managed to take almost an entire day to drive there. Unfortunately it was pouring rain and cold… so a lot of our touring was done inside the car. We passed by some gorgeous beaches and quaint towns, but the weather kept us from venturing out. We eventually wound up at the outlet mall in Hilton Head, which wasn't planned. Sometimes a little outlet shopping is just what you need!

Savannah is a beautiful city that is divided into gorgeous town squares. It's a difficult city to drive through, because of the squares, but a perfect city to stroll around and soak up the sun. It's also one of the few places in the US where open alcohol is permitted (like Vegas), so it was fun to sit outside and enjoy an afternoon beer. The city felt very european to me, and there were a lot of european tourists with the most handsomely dressed children. We enjoyed people watching and guessing where people were from. And watching how europeans parent their children… SO different from us! We would watch parents sit in the grass with a glass of wine, as their kids took off out of site. Sometimes the parents were not even facing in the general direction of their kids, and miraculously we didn't see any injuries. Tyler joked that my mother instincts must be going wild as we watched a small toddler navigate some concrete steps on her own, in knee-high boots nonetheless. (She made it!)

Although the sun was shining in these photos, the temperature started off on our first morning in the forties! We were freezing and wore as many layers as possible, popping into various coffee shops and a beautiful old church to warm up. Our hotel - the Andaz, was perfectly located in the centre of the city. We were sad that we didn't get to relax at the rooftop pool, especially after I bought Poppy the cutest swim cap. While we enjoyed our time in Savannah, I think we would have had rave reviews had the weather been warmer. Also, there was no way the food could compete with Charleston, so we ate burgers in bed one night and at a local pizza place on another. We then argued about who had to push the stroller home… because it was so cold on our hands, and we both wanted to drink our 'to-go' beers!

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