My perfect mothers day - Coffee and muffins


Over the past few years we have hosted a Mother's Day Tea to celebrate our moms (and me!). I'm the one who does the majority of the party planning and prep, but I love doing that, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on having a relaxing day. It's a special day that we can share with both our families, and what could be better than that?

I do have one request, though. I LOVE getting coffee in bed. I am up earlier than my husband 99% of the time, so I'm the first one into the kitchen to start the coffee every day. It is the biggest treat for me to smell the scent of coffee wafting upstairs while I'm still in bed… and then get to drink a whole cup while it's still piping hot. I will be one happy mama if my babies bring me breakfast in bed this mother's day (hint hint!).

Soren loves to help bake, and it's an activity that can teach him a lot as well. I always ask him to count out a dozen muffin liners - 'a dozen equals twelve, mommy!', and we talk about each of the ingredients we add. These photos that I have of him baking are from the day I went into labour with Poppy. Maybe he added a secret ingredient that kick started my contractions:)

To me, the idea of my kids down in the kitchen with their dad, carefully deciding on what to make and measuring ingredients, is the best type of mothers day gift. Last Year we surprised our families with a gender reveal - we were expecting a little girl! We'd baked a cake with pink icing inside, and Soren and I carefully cut into it to reveal the surprise. It's moments like these that are forever etched in my memory, and will last for much longer than something that was bought at a store.

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