Charleston, we love you


After a very long day of travel on friday, we arrived home from our vacation to Charleston, South Carolina. The littlest dude picked us up at the airport, and we had sure missed his sweet little voice. This was a week with just Poppy and us, which was extra special as she doesn't normally get one-on-one time, or at least not undivided all day long one-on-one attention.

If you haven't been to Charleston, you should put it at the top of your travel list. It was amazing. The food, the architecture, the weather, the people… we would go back in a heartbeat. Tyler luckily took hundreds of photos, and we have been having fun re-living our vacation memories as we try to edit them down to a reasonable number.

On our first day there we walked miles and miles - taking in the gorgeous old buildings, the smells of spring, and the heat of the sun. We brunched at Husk, which was delicious as was every bite of food we ate in charleston. We shopped on King Street, which was closed to traffic and full of people, dogs, and musicians. We stopped for a drink at a raw oyster bar, showed Poppy her first sight of the ocean, and sunned ourselves in a grassy park. It was a perfect day - one we will remember forever.

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la petite lulu said...

Loved seeing your photos pop up on IG while you were away - it makes me want to go to the south! Looks like you had a great getaway :)