Back to normal


We have two dogs, and one of them is not the best behaved at off-leash dog parks. Since we feel badly going with just one, we often don't go. This week-end we got to experience life with just one dog, as Rupert was still away at a kennel from our trip. After a successful egg hunt on Sunday morning, we pulled on our rubber boots and headed to the park. We hiked through the forest and watched Kya run around with some other dogs. Soren got to practice his stick throwing, and Poppy cuddled in for a little snooze. It was a lovely way to spend Easter, and reconnect as a family of four. Both kiddos are having a little trouble re-adjusting to 'normal' life. For Poppy the time change has thrown her a bit, and Soren is getting used to hearing the word 'no' again. He burst into tears when I told him he could not have a second cupcake for lunch yesterday… this after eating chocolate and candy from pretty much the moment he opened his eyes. Good thing Easter comes but once a year, and we have plenty of other days to worry about healthy choices.

I'm also over on wifessionals blog today talking about sending a child to daycare. We had such as hard time with this, as I'm sure many parents do. Kaitlyn is doing a series on various baby milestones, and I was happy to be asked to contribute.

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