Baby-wearing fail


We headed to the park yesterday afternoon, and I tried to put Poppy in a wrap facing forward, as opposed to facing towards me, which is what we usually do. As we walked along dodging puddles, I noticed that she didn't feel quite right. The first picture speaks for itself… clearly she was not comfortable! Opps. We managed a re-adjustment at the park and all was well again. I think I'll need to review some you-tube wrap tutorials before leaving the house with her facing forward.

A special big brother is THRILLED to be able to go to the park again. As we walked past this park a few days ago, he asked 'do you think I could play there one day when the snow melts?' aww… this winter truly has been the worst. When we told him he could play now he was so, so excited. And then to go back a day later? He is in heaven. I'm so lucky to get to spend the entire summer with these two, before heading back to work in October. The days are still a little cool, but each day more snow melts and I can feel all of our spirits lifting. Summer 2014 is going to be pretty amazing… of this I am certain!

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