34 months


I told Soren I wanted to take some pictures of him… so he said ok. I asked him to stand still and he said no. I asked again… 'NO!' So I had to resort to bribing him with smarties, and even that was not all that successful. This kid loves the word 'no', he has ever since he learned to talk at a very early age:) We've learned to phrase things so that 'no' is not a possible reply, yet somehow I forget every few minutes and I find myself back to bribing.

I received an update email from baby centre today that was titled 'your 34 month old'. To be honest I would have had to count on my fingers if I had been asked how many months he was… I always reply with 'two and a half' when people ask his age. It's shocking to think that I will very soon have a three year old. Crazy. If you ask Soren how old he is he will reply with 'Nothing!', because clearly that is a logical answer.

We have great days where I think he is the sweetest guy in the world, and then we have bad days where we butt heads all day long. It usually starts while he's still in bed… something like 'Good morning Soren!'… 'NO! It's NOT a good morning. Where's Daddy? Does he have to work today? I'm sooo hungry. NO! I do not want to get dressed. I'm sooo cold. I need a sweater.' Again, logical.

He reads the news with me in the morning and asks more questions than I have answers for. He yanks his sisters soother out of her mouth, then says 'I just wanted to kiss her gently' when I give him a look. He holds my hand perfectly when we are out, yet can bolt at a moments notice and give me a heart attack if we are near a road. His memory is far superior to mine, which he proves over and over again as he recites some of his latest Star Wars info. He's the pickiest eater, yet will try red bell peppers multiple times because it was a food Daniel Tiger tried. We never have a boring day, that is for sure. At times I feel badly because I worry that too much of my time is spent with him and not Poppy, but I think it's just that he takes up more of my energy. I spend plenty of time with Poppy, yet it doesn't feel quite so draining, somehow.

We are heading south in two weeks, without my littlest sidekick. I sure am going to miss him for six whole nights, but I think it will be good for us both. He'll have a wonderful time with his grandparents, while we will get some one on one time with Poppy. And with each other. It's tough to have a conversation with a two and half year old interrupting every three seconds. I'm thankful that he is inquisitive, curious, smart, intelligent, strong-willed, opinionated, etc… but sometimes it's nice to have a bit of time to think. Or that's what I think now, at the end of a rather trying day. I'm sure I will miss him like crazy and find myself wanting to have a 'logical' argument with a two year old. And because he is the sweetest:) My most special guy. Almost three… sigh.

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la petite lulu said...

Ahhhh, it's a fun age! Ollie is also at the disagreeable stage - I swear I could tell him I'm going to give him chocolate and all he will respond with is NO I DONT WANT THAT. Almost 3... Gotta love it :)

Are you heading down south to napa? I remember you mentioning it, if so - enjoy!!!!