Poppy's view


At four and a half months, Poppy gets carried around a lot. It must be so funny to see the world from her view… Her favourite thing to do is watch her brother. He entertains her for hours on end, although he's not really that into her yet.

On saturday morning we stopped by one of our favourite bakeries - le croissant - and Soren and I walked in together hand in hand. He peered into the bakery case and excitedly asked me what 'those' were, pointing to some macaroons. 'Would I like them mommy?' he asked in his sweetest voice. Well, as he eats most anything that is baked or has sugar in it, I thought it was a pretty safe bet. The baker wrapped up four macaroons in a special little box and tied it with a ribbon, and Soren carried the box back to the car. He was very proud of himself as he tried to tell Tyler what was in the box. When we arrived at our friends house for croissants and coffee, he lined them all up neatly before digging in. Poppy watched enviously, as she would love to get any type of food in her mouth.

We have not started feeding her solids yet, but she's sucked on an apple slice, a banana, and a piece of ham (from her dad!). It will be fun when we start to introduce actual food into her diet - and I'm hoping it may entice mr. pickiest to eat a few more things. There is no way his assortment of acceptable foods could get any smaller - I could probably count the number of foods he eats on both hands. I asked him today if he would like to help me make turkey meatballs, and he replied 'no - I won't like them. But we could go to ikea and buy some'. sigh. ikea - one, Erika - zero.

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