As the second baby, I sometimes worry that Poppy is not getting as much attention as she should. With Soren I was always playing games with him, singing, or reading little books. Poppy is usually more of an observer - or 'background babe' as my husband likes to say. She has generally seemed content to sit and watch as Soren plays around her. He is definitely her favourite person!

Now that Poppy can sit and interact more, the dynamics of playtime are changing. If we read a book together Poppy reaches out and tries to grab the pages (much to Soren's loud complaints!). She's no longer content to just watch the action from the comfort of my lap… she wants to get involved! It's fun to have some one-on-one time with her once Soren is asleep for his afternoon nap. (And I sure hope he doesn't give up that nap - those 2 hours every day are sooo important to me! He can give it up once I go back to work next fall, if he has to.)

So we are exploring new activities together - rattling the beads on a wooden toy, grabbing a dolls colourful rings, and learning how to stand assisted. Her chubby little legs are kicking more and more, and she's learning how to get into a crawling position. I have a feeling this one will be crawling sooner than her brother, but we will see. Everyday is new and exciting, and challenging all at the same time. I don't worry about having two 'on the move', although many mothers have warned me that this will be a tough phase. Aren't they all? But all phases pass, and even the difficult ones have moments of pure amazement. Amazement that they are mine, both of them, and they are so little and so perfect.

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