Five Months


How did this happen? How have we had TWO children for five entire months?! These last six weeks or so have been very, very challenging. The weather has been miserable - the worst winter in 35 years - and we have struggled with being sick. But I have my fingers crossed that we are on the cusp of good health, and warm weather is on the horizon.

Miss Poppy is a funny little baby. She's pretty happy most of the time, as long as she is being held and has her beloved soother in her mouth (or clipped onto her shirt!). By this point in Soren's life he had given up the soother in favour of his thumb, which allowed him to self soothe when needed. Poppy wakes up multiple times a night needing nothing more than her soother popped in her mouth. Sleep has been a bit of a nightmare for the past few weeks, but I'm blaming that on a cold which seems to be on it's way out.

We've dabbled with eating a few solids, but haven't started seriously. Breast-feeding is just so much quicker and easier! With Soren I fed him baby cereal for a little while, but I much preferred the baby-led weaning approach where the baby feeds himself small pieces of whatever is being served. I plan to do the same thing again this time around, as much as possible.

We are still in size two diapers, which are barely fitting. My sister gave us a huge box of diapers for christmas, and Amazon accidentally double shipped. I had diapers stashed under every bed and dresser in our house, and I think we are finally nearing the end. Poppy's growth has slowed way down, and she only gained a pound from month two to four. Some of her 3-6 month clothes are getting snug, but she's not quite big enough to fit into the next size up.

Poppy loves her brother. If he is in the room she is a happy babe. She also loves chewing on her fists, her special toy monkey, and playing in her exer-saucer. She squeals with delight if you tickle her, and likes singing pat-a-cake. Her best naps are often taken in her carseat, although we're transitioning into sleeping in her crib. She's usually not out of arms reach, and that is just fine by me. I love having her on my lap as I eat breakfast, check my email, or watch TV while Soren naps. I can't wait to dip her little toes in the ocean next month, and expose her chubby cheeks to some real sunshine.

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