crack pie


Over the weekend we went to our friends house for dinner, and I was asked to bring the dessert. There was a little more pressure than normal, because our friend Mike is currently competing on Master Chef Canada!

I started browsing recipes last week, and kept seeing crack pie from Momofuko Milk Bar come up. It is definitely not the prettiest pie around, but it lived up to its name and tastes delicious! Some of the reviews made it seem very labour-intensive or difficult, but I didn't find it to be either. After reading numerous reviews and recipes, I followed Bon Appetit's version pretty much exactly. I needed a little extra butter when assembling the crust, but I think that was my only deviation.

Poor Soren didn't get to try it - he only got to look at it briefly before we went out for the evening, leaving him with a baby-sitter. It was the first evening we have left both kids with a paid baby-sitter, and it went really well. The baby-sitter was actually my cousin, so Soren was super excited to stay up a bit later than normal and play with her. I'd put Poppy down before we left, so she didn't know the difference. While she normally just sleeps in her carseat after 7:30pm, it felt much different (and nice!) to arrive somewhere and not have to lug in a baby-seat. I had my hands free to hold the pie and a bottle of wine, and knew that both babes would be asleep in their own beds when we arrived home later.

This pie is definitely worth making - and I had all of the ingredients on hand, saving me a trip to the grocery store. Trips to the grocery store are not always the easiest when I have to bring my two helpers, even if they can now both sit in the cart!

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