As I may have mentioned before, brunch is our favourite meal of the day. Soren is usually on his best behaviour at that time, and he loves all breakfast foods. We also find that brunch restaurants are usually pretty kid-friendly, so we can try out places we wouldn't be able to go to for dinner.

My grandpa flew in from Palm Springs for a very quick visit, so we met up with him and my family on saturday morning at the Park Cafe. Maybe next winter we can change the location to Palm Springs! We  sure loved our vacation there last year… and are sad not to be going to the desert this year. Although, we are in the midst of planning a fun trip to Charleston and Savannah next month, which gives us something to look forward to.

As you can see from the photos above Poppy has started eating! Our paediatrician recommended starting solids, and we could tell that she was ready. So far more food ends up on her face than in her mouth, but she seems to enjoy the experience which is the most important part.

On Sunday we met up with our good friends and tried out a new brunch spot - the marion street eatery. Our friend Mike is currently a contestant on MasterChefCanada, and so we usually trust his recommendations:) He's currently in the top ten - and I'm excitedly watching every monday night to see if he can win it all. Back to brunch - it was great! Really nice decor, good food, and great company. Definitely a winning week-end when it comes to food!

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