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It has been months since I have picked up our real camera - Tyler got a new lens for christmas and it kind of scared me. He also got a flash, and together they made the camera look HUGE and totally intimidating. But I've missed taking pictures of things around the house during the day, so today I picked it up and took a few shots of Poppy.

Little girl clothes are pretty amazing, and one of my favourite things about them is how versatile they are. I've started putting her summer clothes on, and layering onesies and/or tights underneath. I was so sick of winter and heavy sweaters… light coloured cottons are such a welcome change. This adorable little blouse is from mexx, and while it is no longer available, I really like this one too. Sizing doesn't matter too much with blouses because they can work as tunics or even dresses if they are a bit big.

We love our freshly picked moccs and were so excited to watch the creator/owner compete on Shark's Tank a few months back! She had such an inspiring story and I love supporting smaller businesses whenever possible. Small Canadian businesses are even better, and I've been on the hunt for cute spring clothes made and produced within Canada. I've had my eye on the beautiful leggings from Von Bon Apparel for a few months, and I think there is a sale coming up soon. I've been trying to declutter our lives and buy fewer, better quality pieces of clothing for all of us. It's tough to resist the massive baby gap clearances… but I've realized that if I have a drawer full of 'ok' pieces most will not get worn. I'd prefer to simplify and have a few items I really love. It's a process, but it feels good donating to goodwill practically every week.

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Unknown said...

I have been eyeing up VonBon leggings too - and their headbands! Cute mocs, waiting until Greta's feet are at a stage where she'll get good wear out of them to purchase a pair, so loved seeing her on shark tank!