A day in the life...


I sometimes forget how much work I do each day… and worry that I'm not doing nearly enough. I feel like I am 'failing' as a mother for not being on top of the laundry, the dishes, or having a nutritious dinner ready. As my husband points out - I am the only one who is stressing about these things. He doesn't care, and clearly the babes are not concerned. In an effort to realize all that I do, I wanted to document an average day with a five month old and a two and half year old.

4am - Poppy wakes up hungry. If this is a good night she's been asleep since 7:30pm the night before…  on a bad night who knows. She nurses and then either falls right back to sleep, or fusses around in our bed for the remainder of the night. It's kind of 50/50.

7:30am - Poppy wakes up again, I nurse her and hop in the shower while she plays with Daddy. Soren hears me going into the shower and wakes up with a million questions about Star Wars, dung beetles, or the bernstain bears. I send him in to talk with his dad while I finish getting ready.

8am - Soren tells me how hungry he is. I say it's time to get dressed, so he screams 'noooo!!!!' and runs around the house. We play this game for a few minutes until I can pin him down long enough to change out of his pi's. Then it's time to change babe #2.

8:15am - With the three of us dressed, I carry BOTH kiddos downstairs. This is a routine Soren loves… and while it's a tad dangerous it's definitely part of our mornings:) I drop him at the table and put Poppy in her exer-saucer. Coffee is turned on, and I start in on breakfast. Soren tells me how hungry he is, and asks 'Is my toast coming up soon? I'm realllly hungry you know.' Yes, I know that, since as usual you ate nothing for dinner last night…

8:30am - Tyler comes downstairs and grabs some breakfast, kisses us all, and heads to work. Soren asks me whats on the news, and I quickly check the news/my email as we chat about current affairs. He's a very advanced two year old:)

9am - Poppy is tired and needs a nap, so I put her in her snowsuit and carseat. I clean up breakfast and start trying to get Soren out of the house. This is a very difficult job. Eventually, I have him in his boots and jacket and out the door. Poppy is well into her carseat nap, although we still have not left the house.

10 - 11:30am - we go to a playgroup, where I follow Soren around closely making sure he doesn't hit any kids. Break up a few fights, tell him not to climb on things, be gentle with little kids, etc. Poppy enjoys playgroups too, and happily watches all the excitement from my arms or from another exer-saucer contraption.

12pm - back home for lunch. I have to bribe Soren to leave the playgroup by promising that he can watch a show when we get home, so on goes the TV as I prepare lunch.

1pm - read a book to both babes, sing songs, and put them down for their naps.

1:15pm - Poppy is up and demanding some one-on-one attention.

2pm - put Poppy back to sleep, come downstairs and heat up some cold coffee from the morning. Look around at the chaos that is our house. Ignore it while I drink my old coffee and watch House Hunters International and dream of all the exotic vacations we could take if we didn't have kids:)

3pm - start worrying about dinner. Look in the fridge, don't see anything inspiring, so I call Tyler and ask him to pick up a chicken and salad stuff on his way home. Unload the dishwasher. Fold half a basket of clothes, and then hear Poppy crying. Get her up and changed, and then wake up Soren if he's still asleep. Bring both kids downstairs and watch a few minutes of sesame street as they slowly wake up.

4pm - Soren is now in full-on crazy mode. Start counting the minutes until Tyler is home. He jumps off the couch 30 times, practicing twists and flips. Poppy will not be put down. Walk her around, try to keep the dude from killing himself by bribing him with jelly beans to play something else.

5pm - Daddy is home!!! Throw the babes to him and leave for my Ballet Barre class. (truthfully this has only happened a few times… but it would be a great habit to do more frequently!) Or - grab the kids and head out somewhere exciting like Costco or Target. Or - destroy the house with more crazy flips and eat dinner while watching the Jets Game.

7pm - Bath time! I like this time of day because I know the end is in sight… Poppy goes first and LOVES splashing around. Soren is usually more of a tough sell, and likes to say 'it's not bath time YET. Soon, I think.' As you can imagine 'soon' never arrives.

7:30 - I put Poppy to sleep in her crib, and then help Soren brush his teeth. We discuss which book to read, and then he tries to read a second book. Only one. Next are songs… sometimes me first and sometimes Daddy. And then a drink of water. And then he asks to listen to Beethoven. Seriously - not sure why Tyler introduced that to the routine. How do you say 'No Beethoven' to a two year old?!

8pm - Done! Come downstairs and survey the damage. Pick up the living room, clean the kitchen, throw in a load of laundry. Read some blogs/pinterest/online shopping/TV until it's time for bed, usually around 11.

Well - it sure was exhausting writing it all down! Maybe I should give myself a break:)

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