No more diapers


When Soren started preschool at the beginning of January, the teacher asked which kids were potty-trained. At the time Soren was not. Fast-forward a week, and we showed up at school in underwear! I know people worry about potty-training a lot, and many parents and kids struggle with it for months. For us, it was a pretty easy transition.

When Soren was about 18 months we bought a potty, and occasionally he would sit on it. More occasionally, he would pee on it. We would cheer and clap and reward him with one smartie every time he had a potty success. We'd talk about using the potty, and the toilet, but he was pretty attached to his diapers. After he turned two I bought him some underwear, but mostly he would cry and ask for his diaper back if I tried to slip on a pair of boxer-briefs.

I kept hearing about the three day method, but to be honest I was never motivated to clear my schedule and stay home for three days. This past fall we started using the potty more regularly - in the morning, before and after naps, and before bed. Every time I sat him down he would go - and he had no issue with pooping on the potty which I've heard can be a struggle. Still, we weren't quite there yet. He would not ask to go, and still begged for his diapers in the morning when I was getting him dressed.

One morning, as Tyler and I were getting ready, Soren was running around in his pyjamas. All of a sudden he turned to us and said 'I think I need to use the potty'. We looked at each other, and he proceeded to pull his pyjama bottoms down and sat on the potty. When he was done he happily took his smartie and went back to playing. We were shocked! It was the motivation I needed to know that he was fully ready, and we could do this.

Over the last month we've said good-bye to diapers, except at night. Five out of seven nights he wakes up dry… but I don't want to change the sheets in the middle of the night once or twice per week. We've had virtually no accidents, and we no longer give out smartie incentives. I wonder how long I need to carry a spare pair of pants around in my bag? So far they have not been used, but I know the day I take them out will be the day. While there is a bit more work involved in making numerous bathroom trips, I do enjoy only changing one babies diapers. And I'm happy that it was such an easy switch for Soren - proof that toddlers will do things when they want, and usually only then.

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Anne Hill said...

yay for being diaper free!