Miss Poppy - 3 months


Dear Miss Poppy,

You will of course be turning four months in a little over a week, but technically you are still only three months, so this letter is not late. Right now you and your big brother are snoozing on the couch together. This is the one and only time that's ever happened - oh, actually second time. Sadly Soren is sick, so he's been resting on and off all day. You haven't figured out a definitive nap time schedule yet, perhaps due to the fact that I drag you around to all of your brothers outings, and many days your best sleeps are in your carseat.

You are a very sweet little girl, and delight in smiling at anyone who stops to say hello. Some days you are quite vocal and love to squeal and yell - it's pretty entertaining for your dad and I. Bathtime is a big highlight as you kick and splash for as long as we keep you in the tub. The big tub, I might add, with just an inch or two of warm water to relax in. Other times I'll fill it up completely, probably warmer than I should, and we'll both climb in. You love this too - bopping up and down in the water and whooshing around the tub.

These days your days end promptly at 8pm, which seems to be a time you've chosen all by yourself. After 8 and you turn into a pumpkin - a very crabby, fussy, red-faced pumpkin who has a very hard time falling asleep. You'll then sleep solidly for about 8 hours, wake up to nurse, and sleep for a few more hours until the sun is starting to peek out. We still have you in your bassinet - I'm not ready to have you a whole bedroom away.

February has us dreaming of spring, summer, and warm days when we can take you out of your layers and expose your perfect pale skin to fresh air and sunshine. It will come… but slower than we would like! We may be planning a little trip for you - an anniversary trip for mommy and daddy that you get to tag along on. sshhh… don't tell your brother! I love you lots and lots and lots.



Unknown said...

she is just perfect.

Unknown said...

:) she's the cutest!


Amira said...

Could she be ANY cuter?! I love chunky babies!!!!