Its Cold. I'm tired. We are sick


I try to make this blog fairly positive, at least I like to think so. However, I'm about out of positivity. This winter has been terrible. Probably the coldest I can remember… and it shows no signs of ending any time soon. I've been sick for nine of the last ten days, and that middle day in there was spent looking after Soren while he battled the flu. It's pretty miserable!

One good thing, I will say, is how much you come to value your health when it's not at its best. I am so thankful we are not dealing with chronic illnesses or serious diseases. While our house is feeling a little like a breeding ground for viruses, I know that they will eventually pass. Right? I sure hope…

Another good thing - Soren can proudly get himself his own snack. This I learned while lying on the bathroom floor… after telling him he'd have to wait for his dad to come home to get a snack. Also, nursing is powerful! It's amazing that the human body can still feed another human on practically no food or water. Poppy's only health concerns are her fat sores, the sores she gets inside her little rolls.

So we are managing over here, barely. I'm also very thankful for my husband and parents who have helped out a lot over these last few weeks. And lastly the olympics! They make for some great daytime television while resting on the couch:) We are hoping to host a little Valentines day party on friday, so hopefully that can breathe some much needed cheer into our house.

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