Around here


one - a lot of couch jumping! The weather has been so cold… we are going a bit stir crazy. I cannot wait until we can go to the playground to get our energy out.

two - the poor dogs don't get nearly enough exercise. It's amazing to think that we used to take them to the dog park every single weekend.

three - Poppy's cute bracelet was made by her daddy with love

four - mini sugar cookies to celebrate Tyler's parents fiftieth wedding anniversary. We also indulged in homemade gyozas, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, chocolate cake, and a swedish sandwich cake which was very 'different', in a good way.

five - I had to include a picture of the Swedish Sandwich Cake after mentioning it above!

six - when Tyler's parents were married they were too young to legally have a drink. Fifty years is a looong time, and fiftieth wedding anniversaries are increasingly rare. We are lucky to have such great marriage inspirations! Also, Tyler looks so much like his dad it is crazy. I asked Soren who was in the picture and he said 'Daddy'.

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