When your husband leaves you alone...


I've been trying not to eat sugar, which is going surprisingly well. I don't crave it that much, and I've always loved fruit so it's not too hard to swap chocolate for strawberries. Until tonight. My husband was out for the evening, and by 6pm the babes and I had already eaten dinner and were heading to the bathtub. Never mind that bedtime is not usually till at least 7:30… I wanted the kiddos in bed so I could find the most sugary, buttery dessert and whip up something great.

I started scouring pinterest for inspiration, and then started having second thoughts. That silly voice inside my head telling me to eat some more baby carrots. I ignored it, found a recipe for only two cookies, and got to work. The cookies were pretty much the size of my head, and I assumed I could only eat half of one. Wrong - over the next few hours I managed to devour both of them. This is the recipe I used - single serving chocolate chip cookies. You could easily make six normal sized cookies, but maybe it feels better to say 'I ate two cookies', rather than 'I ate a half dozen cookies'.

To make my evening even more special, I watched a terrible, awful show called My 600lb Life. Sad, disgusting, sad… That is an hour of my life that I will never get back. And I can't say that I felt better about myself. I started thinking, these people probably started off normal once too. Then one night they ate six two massive cookies… and everything else went downhill. 'The half-ton woman, who started her life of obesity with a half dozen cookies', coming up next.

Just kidding. I hope.

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la petite lulu said...

Oh man. I am in the same boat right now - after my ob told me I need to curb my weight gain (seriously - something a doctor should never tell a hormonal pregnant woman!) I decided I would try and swap out my usual sweets for more healthy versions. I'm feeling a lot better for it and still enjoying less chocolately 'treats', but every now and again I find myself with a full on, buttery dessert craving.. Today is one of those days. Perhaps I'll give in and bake the single serve chocolate chip cookies ;)

On a side note - the best thing I've found for when I want something sweet & not naughty is the chocolate banana thickshake (1 frozen banana, 1tbs cocoa, 1 cup vanilla almond milk). It tastes AWESOME!