River Walk


I can't say that winter is my favourite season… or even in the top three. However, when the weather co-operates and we can actually go outside and enjoy wintery activities it can be pretty fun. This past week-end was one of those times, and we took full advantage of the warmer temperatures and headed to the forks. While we didn't lace up our skates this time, we walked on the frozen river and looked up at the massive concrete bridges. Soren saw the skaters and was intrigued enough to finally try on a helmut at home. We've had a helmut around for the past few months, knowing that he needed to learn to wear it if we want to teach him to skate. After placing it on Poppy's head tonight he took the bait, so now we just need to find him a teeny pair of skates!

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Jessica Doll @ Team Wiking said...

These pics are so cute. I wish we'd get some different weather her. It's nice to have sun but we really need the rain. And hey, I have a Søren too!