Party Babe


The headband Poppy wore on Saturday made me smile every time I looked at her. She is such a sweet baby, and has started interacting with us so much more over the past few days. It's easy to have a ten minute conversation with her, full of oohs and eee's and other baby babble. Although every baby age has it's advantages, I seem to remember one of my favourite times with Soren being around the four-month mark. He was still such a baby, but could hold his head up, smile and laugh, and had such perfectly round cheeks. He was predictable enough that I could plan for showers, making dinner, etc, but also flexible enough to fall asleep in his carseat if we were out for the evening.

On saturday night we had some friends over and ordered Thai take-out. They have a baby who will one day be in the same grade as Poppy, and it was fun to see the two babies together. It's so crazy to see the difference two months makes when they are this tiny. And lining babies up together for a picture is always pretty hilarious!

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