First day of preschool


i phone picture… a little blurry
We've had a busy week over here, with new routines and changes. Tyler had to go back to work on Monday, so the three of us are adjusting back to regular life. I have not been able to blog at all because little miss Poppy will NOT sleep in her crib! She's still sleeping great at night, so I'm not really complaining, but the days sure are long when she is in my arms from 8am - 11pm. Hence no blog posts, as I cannot figure out how to type with her in my arms.

Soren started preschool this morning! It is the cutest little class - only five of them - and they are all two and a half. Three boys and two girls… plus the teacher. Today was the orientation and Soren absolutely did not want to leave after the hour was up. He's looking forward to next Friday when he can go for the full two hours. I expected to feel a little sad about seeing him in a school situation, but I didn't at all. The little cubbies, miniature toilet, and alphabet letters on the wall were all just too adorable, it made school seem like so much fun. I always liked school, and hopefully Soren will enjoy it as well. This seems like a very nice entry into the world of 'school', which is just how preschool should be!

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Emmett Katherine said...

that's awesome that soren likes pre-school :) sometimes babies just have days where they want to be held a lot aka all the time! have you tried baby wearing? I have a sling and it helps me get a lot of things done on those types of days!