Conversations with my buddy


This guy has been hilarious lately… I am definitely entertained by him! My days are spent alternating between putting him in timeouts and laughing at something he has said or done. Such as…

Driving up to the gas station.
Soren - Mommy! Where is the Jacket Man?
me - What?
Soren - the man with the jacket on his face!
ahh… the man pumping gas in -40 temperatures. I suppose he would be known as the Jacket Man

Going into his room in the morning.
me - Wow, it's getting bright in here! The sun is getting up earlier!
Soren - Does the sun have a blanket?
me - no
Soren - looking carefully at his blanket, and then at Poppy's which he has taken over. "I think I'll give the sun Poppy's blanket"

While making breakfast.
me - I think you should go potty
Soren - no thank you. Not this time.
Soren - can I have a cookie?
me - no
Soren - can I have a chocolate straw?
me - no, we don't have treats for breakfast
Soren - I think I have to go potty
me - cheering and excited
after some successful potty time…
Soren - I'll have that chocolate straw now. For my potty treat. adds in 'before breakfast'
me - no words. I've been played.

while playing today.
Soren - 'In his defence, it was really cold in the water'
me - What? (totally perplexed, and not understanding how he is using the word 'defence' properly)
Soren rubs his arms and says brrr
As I think about it, realize that at a playgroup this morning a woman came up to me whom we had seen at swimming class last night. The swimming class that he had run out of after a grand total of 2 minutes because he was too cold. She had said to me, in passing, 'Well, in his defence the water was really cold'. I had no idea Soren was listening, and the fact that he remembered the sentence in its entirety… Lesson to self - be very careful what I say!

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