The man behind the lens


My husband rarely shows up on this blog because he is almost always behind the camera. This past weekend we headed out to take some winter photos, and I grabbed the camera for a few minutes. He is a great husband and father, and I love watching the relationships that are growing between him and our children. Soren is mildly obsessed… and usually asks when Daddy will be home from work about 45 times per day. And Poppy, well, she is just starting to bond with her daddy. The first few months with a newborn are kind of tough on dads, since they can't really give the baby what she needs (nursing - 24/7!). But we're turning the newborn corner, and Poppy is interacting more and more every day. She recognizes both of our voices and tries to turn her head when we enter the room. She loves holding her Daddy's hand, and her little fingers seem to be perpetually cold. Are girls just born to be colder than boys? Soren could not be in more than one layer or he was covered in sweat, and Poppy would happily live in layer upon layer. I think she likes being a winter babe.

Speaking of winter, it is here in FULL effect! Some years we manage to get almost to Christmas with barely a dusting of snow, but this year seems to bring flurries every other day. It's making me long to go skiing or snowboarding… it makes me nostalgic for a year spent in Whistler when I was 18. What a life… wake up, check the snow report, head to the mountain. I did work too, but my work was on top of Whistler mountain and required me to ride a gondola to get there. And then I got to snowboard home at the end of my shift. I can't wait to teach these guys how to snowboard in a couple of years! So many fun things ahead.

Lastly - don't make these cookies! I just dumped the entire batch in the garbage, which for a cookie lover like me does not happen very often. Perhaps it's better in the long run, I am going to have a hard time fitting into a holiday dress this year. The second baby weight does not come off as quickly as the first.

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Hena Tayeb said...

omg how cute is your little guy!