Keeping warm


The winter days that we all hate are here, and that means minus thirty temperatures and drafty old houses that require me to drink hot coffee all day long. It is seriously freezing. Our pipes to our washing machine have frozen, which means I cannot do laundry until the thermometer rises to at least minus ten. This has happened twice in December, and on both days I did load after load after load of laundry, checking the temperatures like a crazy person as I crammed in yet another load. sigh. It could be worse, of that I am sure. I am of course thankful for any warm house, however drafty, and marathon laundry sessions at least mean we have plenty of clothing to keep us warm.

Speaking of clothing, the start of the new year has me craving simplicity, and I am on a quest to rid our house of unnecessary 'stuff'. After christmas with two babes, and two very generous extended families, we are up to our ears in new clothes and toys. All of the new items are demanding closet space and attention, so I am carefully getting rid of old things to make way for the new.

I happily donated two pairs of larger than desirable jeans today, which I had kept over the past few years for pregnancy and post-partem wear. It was satisfying to realize that they no longer fit, and I'm hoping not to need that size again! Losing the baby weight has been much harder the second time around, which I partially blame on the weather and time of year that Poppy was born. I am also partially to blame, as I could definitely ease up on my cookie intake and spend a little (any) time at the gym. After receiving some gift certificates to a Ballet Barre studio for christmas I have gone to two classes, and plan on continuing to go twice per week. I am sooo out of shape… I almost apologized to the instructor today after class - thinking I needed to explain my miserable physique… but instead I just slunk out and avoided eye contact. It does feel good to feel my muscles ache, and I know the time to myself is good as well.

The babes are both doing well, although Soren is battling his third sickness this month:( Kids and germs are just magnets to each other, I think. We fight through the sicknesses with cuddles on the couch and lots of Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood. Poppy is staying healthy and plump, and has a doctor's appointment in a few days when we can find out just how plump she really is. Breast-fed babies cannot be overfed, so I am told. She likely needs to be plump to survive these frigid temperatures - maybe it's a survival instinct. And I need a little extra fat to help keep her warm:)


Unknown said...

Stay warm! I just keep thinking of the warm summers we have to get through this brutal cold. Happy New Year!

Amanda Howard - beetle and fig blog said...

brrrr! stay warm & cozy! such a cutie dog & sweet kids!