Christmas Eve 2013


On Christmas Eve this year we did things a little differently, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We saw lots of family, ate a lot of food, and opened numerous gifts. The Linden house looked absolutely gorgeous, from the wintery entranceway to the multiple christmas trees throughout the house. Both babes were transfixed by all of the glittering lights.

From the depths of Grandma's basement the cutest vintage snowsuit appeared, with the original tags still on! Thirty-three years later and it is still as cute as ever - especially with a round-faced beautiful baby in it:)

We bundled up and headed over to my aunt's house and let Soren stay up waaay past his bedtime. At one point he was getting a bit out of control and he put himself in timeout. Good thing almost every house we visit has stairs, as that is his designated 'time-out' spot.

Now, on Boxing Day, we are attempting to organize the disaster that is our house. New toys and clothes are absolutely everywhere, and our poor christmas tree is quickly dying. I snagged a couple of boxing day sales early in the day, but I may have to lose a few pounds before they fit properly. Diets start in the New Year, right?

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