Bathing Beauty - Two Months


On December twelfth Poppy turned two months, and Soren turned two and a half. To celebrate these milestones, Soren and I picked up cupcakes from our favourite bakery Sweet Impressions and ate them for lunch:) It was a healthy day! We have probably been eating all too much sugar these days, between ginger snaps and chocolate cookies, but tis the season… right?

While Poppy subsists entirely on breast-milk, she is gaining weight by the day. We haven't had an official weigh in for a few weeks, but I think she's around 14 pounds. She doesn't seem to eat more than Soren did… but the rolls speak for themselves. She's following in her brothers footsteps of being a great sleeper (knock on wood) and has slept quite a few 8-hour nights this week. When she is awake she is smiling more and more, and this week seems to be a lot more alert and aware of her surroundings. Soren is starting to take more notice of his baby sister, and hugs and kisses her regularly.

Soren, at two and a half, is quite the character. His vocabulary is amazing, and his memory astounds us every day. A few weeks back he became interested in Star Wars, and has since learned SO MUCH about the various characters it blows my mind. I can never remember who's who or what's what… but he will remember 'Salacious Crumb' after hearing his name once.

We are all looking forward to Christmas and having Tyler at home with us for a few days. I can't wait to watch Soren's face light up on Christmas morning when he comes downstairs and sees what Santa has brought him. Ten days to go!!


Amanda said...

oh my gosh, STOP! she is such a doll baby. and so very squishy! remind me, when was her birthday?

Unknown said...

AHH! I've been behind in reading blogs, just as much as blogging, and running into you reminded me to pop in to see whats up! These pics are so freaking CUTE!!!! Also, in the christmas eve Tyler's parents have their own winter wonderland! It's amazing!!!

All the best in 2014 to the Lindens!