Tis the season


My favourite time of the year is quickly approaching… Christmas! This morning we had a slow start, and then I asked my helper if he wanted to make some cookies. We sat together and looked through a christmas cookie magazine (America's Test Kitchen), and he decided he wanted to make the star cookies. Unfortunately, I somehow did not have a star cookie cutter, so we settled instead on Christmas Trees. 

As much as I like baking, it is so much more fun to do it with my favourite helper. He pulls up his chair and asks me to put on his apron - actually he tells me to put on my apron as well. He's getting much better at keeping the ingredients inside the mixing bowl, and his favourite part is cracking the eggs. We may have gotten a couple shells in todays batter, but hopefully no one will notice. 

Some days I wonder if I should be enrolling him in a preschool or Montessori a few mornings a week, but then we do activities like this and I feel like he's learning so much at home. You may notice a top of one of the above cookies is missing… someone needs to learn not to eat the raw cookies before they are baked! 

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Unknown said...

Guilty of eating raw cookie dough over here...!

These cookies look wonderful! Baking with Raisin is my favourite thing. What's the obsession with cracking eggs and toddlers?! Everytime we're in the kitchen no matter what we're doing he demands to crack one!

Glad to hear this is a little toddler trait!