Sick Days


one - a sick toddler - pj's all day, everyday
two - it's freezing outside…brr…
three - getting into the christmas spirit
four - naps on the couch
five - holiday decor
six - banana chocolate chip muffins cooling in the pale winter sunlight
seven - the beginnings of a hearty winter soup

Soren came down with a bad cough this week, accompanied by a fever (which scared us due to his experience of having a febrile seizure last winter). It is so sad to see your babies sick, even though it does provide lots of extra cuddle time. For three whole days I don't think I ever had my arms free - and sometimes had both of them on my lap together. Luckily, today he seemed a little better and we ventured out for breakfast this morning, followed by a visit to Amma and Grandpa's. Hopefully the rest of us stay healthy - especially Poppy - and Soren is back to his regular self shortly.


Jennifer Hays said...

Aw, I'm sorry he's sick. I hope he's well soon. Our son was prone to febrile seizures when he was a toddler; he had them on three separate occasions. It was so scary. I completely understand how you must have felt about it.

Michelle said...

It is horrible to see little ones sick...I hope your little guy is on the mend. Dropping in via The Beetle Shack...what a lovely space you have here! Cheers.