month one - a letter to Poppy


This picture makes me laugh, and while we do have quite a few fussy periods with this little one, I would not say this accurately sums up her first month of life. Where should we start, Miss Poppy?

For the first few weeks you were very sleepy, to the point that I had to wake you up to feed you. Even then, sometimes you would take a couple sips of milk and fall right back asleep. While this is apparently normal newborn behaviour, it was different than we experienced with your brother, so I wasn't sure what to think. Well - now that you are a big four weeks old, I definitely don't have to worry about waking you to eat. You love to eat, and do so with loud, hungry gulps. Sometimes I think this results in a little extra gas that bothers you later. It's hard to say what causes your gas, but I've tried to make my diet as 'bland and boring' as possible, as advised by your doctor. I've also cut out dairy, which is said to be difficult on some babies stomachs. On the advice from many fellow moms, we've started giving you Bio Gaia as well, which is a probiotic. Hopefully these measures will help your little tummy to feel better soon. It's hard for your mommy and daddy to watch you in pain.

This past Sunday both your daddy and I got to see you smile! You make the cutest little laugh noise too, which makes us ecstatic and start acting like complete fools as we try to make more funny faces, in the hopes of hearing another little laugh.

As for your brother, he turned a corner yesterday and actually held you! I had gotten you both up from naps, and Soren wanted a snack. I casually asked him if he would hold you while I made a snack, and to my great surprise he said yes! I placed you carefully in his arms and stood close by, afraid that he might push you off. He didn't move, so I sprinted to the cupboard to grab his goldfish crackers. Four seconds later you were both in the same spots - phew!

I'm not sure what to say about your sleep patterns, because you really don't have any. A couple nights you've been wonderful and slept for six hour stretches, but the last few you've been up every three hours. I'm looking forward to you developing a bit more of a pattern this month. It's easier to mentally prepare myself for the sleep (or lack of) if I know what to expect.

You are such a cuddly baby, Poppy, and you have met so many friends and family in your first month of life. Everyone loves to snuggle with you, and you are happy to oblige. Have I mentioned you do not like to be put down? Pretty much from morning till night you are in my arms, or your daddy's, or another caring adult. If I think you are sleeping and set you down to make lunch... you're up immediately and crying. As soon as I pick you back up, the crying stops. While I love holding you, it makes it tough to get anything done around the house. We're getting used to some wraps and the Bjorn, which helps a little.

It's hard to believe the first month of your life has already come and gone. We love you so much, and feel like you've been a part of our family forever. Lots of love, your mommy.

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Unknown said...

This is so sweet! Happy one month birthday, adorable little Poppy :)