Breast-feeding and a bottle


Twelve pounds! At only five weeks old, Poppy has already gained more than three pounds. It's amazing, really, especially when I think that all of the weight has come from my very own body. Breast-feeding is something that I have been lucky enough to do with both babies. With Soren it was more of a struggle, but this time around things are going much better.

One thing I struggle with in the early days of breast-feeding is how all consuming it is. Somedays you are practically glued to the sofa as the baby nurses, and nurses, and nurses. While this is somewhat manageable with one, it's much more difficult when you have a second child that wants to play with you. Or watch TV, but I'm not ok with him sitting in front of the TV all day long, even if he is. I have tried to read books, sing songs, practice letter recognition and play play-doh all while nursing. I've probably even tried to build a block tower, come to think of it.

Another difficult aspect of breast-feeding is the feeling that you will never be apart from the baby. Don't get me wrong, I love all the newborn cuddle time, but somedays I just want to go to the grocery store by myself, or even out for a drink with a friend. Since evenings are notorious for cluster-feeding, I can't really leave Poppy with her dad for more than 45 minutes or an hour, as I worry that she'll get hungry. Which is why I finally pulled out the breast pump this past weekend, and successfully pumped a couple of bottles.

Nervously, I got Tyler to try and feed her. We held our breath to see if she would take a sip… and with absolutely no hesitation she gulped down two ounces. Yay! Freedom has arrived - at the price of planning and pumping accordingly. Unfortunately the extra two ounces of milk seemed to totally throw her off. She was a weird eater for the rest of the evening and then had one of her worst nights of sleep to date. So… I'll be saving those bottles for some really special occasions. But knowing that the bottle is an option is a great feeling - I'm thrilled that she liked it!

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