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one - watching a 'special show' together. Soren has been introduced to Star Wars and is slightly obsessed.
two - poor Rupert. He had a lovely holiday with his 'cousin' for a few weeks after Poppy's arrival, and unfortunately our house is just not quite as fun for him.
three - beautiful bathtub eyelashes
four - our big one-month old
five - the laundry is out of control in this house! For such a tiny person, Poppy sure has added a lot of laundry to the mix.
six - a sweet baby gift. Three o'clock could be significant… we had a rough night last night.
seven - this red-cheeked toddler is still a great sleeper, thank goodness!

I am not pulling out our camera nearly as much as I should. These precious newborn moments are passing quickly, and I know I am going to be kicking myself for not capturing more of our first few weeks together. Things are going well, however. I feel like we are almost getting the hang of this family of four thing. Today I had the luxury of heading out for an hour with just Soren, and it felt so special to get to spend some one on one time together.

The weekend flew by, as usual, and I'm busy prepping and planning for the week ahead. We finally woke up to a snow-filled world today, which has motivated me to bring out some of the christmas decor. I'm worried about getting out during the day, as we have really been enjoying our daily walks. There is a bit too much snow to push a stroller through, so we may have to move our walks indoors. Mall walking perhaps?! I can't believe I am considering it… I'll be in the track suit, white sneakers, with two crying babies in tow. (They're probably crying of embarrassment at their ridiculous mother.) Whatever keeps me sane, right?


Katherine said...

I feel the same way with my little ones. They are 4 months now and I'm playing catch up with pictures. Stopping by from link up.
Katherine @ Jag Style Blog

Katherine said...

And your pictures are awesome : )

Tasha said...

You take the best pics ever! I love seeing them. Baby is definitely growing fast....but I s'pose they all do. Wish there was some one to slow time during the young years and possibly speed it up during the teen ones lol

Kathy said...

Hi there, popping in from The Beetle Shack...beautiful set of photos, my favourite is the first one with Daddy and the eyelashes one....laundry what can I say, it never goes away no matter how many people are in your family. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia