Introducing Poppy Olivia Linden, born October 12th at 5:37pm, weighing in at 8lbs, 6oz.

After getting sent home from the hospital at 11pm Friday night, with the nurse 'betting any money' she would see us later in the weekend, sure enough we were back the next morning at 8am. We were admitted, and later that day welcomed the sweetest little girl. She's a sleepy one so far, which is a FAR cry from Soren's first days and weeks.

The hospital stay was short and sweet, and we arrived home Sunday night in time to enjoy dinner and watch a hockey game. We prepared ourselves for a long night, and were ever so surprised to get a lot more sleep than anticipated.

Soren is adjusting well, and we are looking forward to getting used to our family of four over the next couple weeks. Thankfully Tyler has two weeks off, which will be the perfect time needed to figure out our new family dynamic. On this thanksgiving day we could not be happier:)


Jennifer Hays said...

Congratulations! Poppy is beautiful.

la petite lulu said...

She's just precious Erika - well done mama! Enjoy this special time :)

Unknown said...

Cute little girl! I love her name and she is just darling. Congratulations!

And...I just found your blog and it's beautiful. Excited to follow along!

Our Barefoot Adventures

Unknown said...

Heheh she's so CUTE! Love the name - congrats to the 4 of you :)

Hope this birth experience the 2nd time around went smoothly!


Tasha said...

Congrats! She is so adorable! And you guys are wearing the same outfit! Too cute!! :)

Unknown said...

Perfectly precious and adorable:)

Glad to hear vbac was a success! As a c-section mama I'd love to do it naturally the next time around. Good job, mama!

Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!