Some fall things at the Lindens


A few fall decorations have found their way into our house. We are just waiting on our fall baby to arrive!

one - I finally got a fern to put inside my beautiful terrarium from Oak and Lily. I could probably make this a little more fallish... but it's been empty since I received it as a gift in July and I'm happy to have at least something in it.

two - Soren picked these cute little pumpkins when we went to the Pumpkin Patch a few weeks back.

three - I've been introduced to spray paint! I've never used it before... but it's pretty fun to use. I'm definitely liking gold accents this year.

four - a few fall cookies (although definitely not my best decorating attempt).

five - a little fall centrepiece. Simple and easy.


mail4rosey said...

everything is great. Fall does lend itself nice to decorating. :)

Tasha said...

Beautiful!!! I just LOVE your pictures. Fall is my favorite season and time of the year. The squirrel cookies are too cute. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Simple Mama At Home said...

Beautiful autumn decor! Looks so nice and bright.
Stopping by from the "Meet and Greet" blog hop.
Following you on Bloglovin, GFC, and Pinterest. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
Have a great week :)
Bismah @
Simple Mama

Francis said...

I love gold pumpkins. I need to make some soon!