New Chapter


Today marks a new adventure for me and our family. I am off work for an entire year - a year I get to spend focusing on my family, and more specifically on our new baby. She is due to arrive in 12 days, although I am still hoping we will get to see her sweet face before then.

In Canada mothers are lucky enough to get a year off work for maternity leave, and although my paycheque will be significantly smaller, I am so thankful to get to spend the next year with my babies. I know that this year is going to be markedly different from my year off with Soren. Babies are tough, but after a couple months we got into a nice routine and I found plenty of time to relax and spend time alone (babies do sleep for quite a few hours a day!). This time, I will have a two year old to run after, and between him and a newborn, I am not expecting ANY alone time.

Until the new babe decides to make her entrance Soren and I will be spending our days together. I'm looking forward to re-connecting with him, to knowing exactly how long his naps are and how he played with other kids at the park. Tomorrow is supposed to be cool, so hopefully we can get some baking done to make the house smell perfect for fall. We're going to be homebodies for awhile, and it's time to prepare our nest:)


Tasha said...

That is sooo wonderful that you get a whole year of maternity leave!!! Most working mothers in the US return to work within 6 weeks and that has to be tough. My SIL told me that she cried everyday at work up until her baby turned 1 recently. I really felt bad for her, but she's hardworking. I'm sure if I was working outside the home I'd be like that as well. Sounds like Canada respects its working mothers.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I need to move to Canada!! Love that they give you a year off. It's such an important time and I'm glad they realize that. :) Can't wait to see your babe!

Emmett Katherine said...

we are so lucky here in Canada with our year long maternity leave. I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to have to go back to work after a few weeks. very, very hard.

congrats on your new little one who could arrive at any time!

Emmett Katherine said...

ok, i just read your other post - i see you have a scheduled c-section, i guess you guys know exactly when your baby will arrive!