Farewell October


I've been looking forward to October ever since I found out I was pregnant back in February. In the dead of winter, October seemed a long way off. I looked forward to the spring, the summer, and finally the fall… all knowing that I was that much closer to meeting my little babe. It feels a little anticlimactic to flip the calendar tomorrow. Perhaps because November is not the most exciting month. The days are getting shorter and colder, and we have a very long winter stretching ahead of us.

However, this year I am trying to embrace the slower winter days. I'm not normally much of a homebody, but this addition to our family has made me feel like we have a 'real' family. Staying in as a family of four somehow seems more fulfilling than it did as a family of three. I'm looking forward to watching movies together in our pyjamas, and cozying up with books and blankets on cool mornings.

I'm sure there will be days that I will feel stir-crazy and will dream of summer days at the park, but I have a more optimistic view of winter this year. And winter means Christmas - which is absolutely my favourite holiday of the year. Explaining the holiday to an inquisitive two-year old is going to be a lot of fun, as will snuggling a cute little christmas baby. Farewell October - you brought me a beautiful baby girl, and now it's time to watch our little family bond and grow closer. Winter seems the perfect season for this.

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