Day One


Monday morning Tyler had to go back to work, so the three of us were left to our own devices, with nothing specific on for the entire day. Needless to say we did not have a nap like the picture above… that was actually taken last week.

Unfortunately our day started unusually early at 6am when our dog woke us all up. Soren, who is normally the world's best sleeper, woke up crying and didn't get back to sleep. After some cuddles in bed we headed down for breakfast, which is always a little tricky to prepare one-handed. It's tough buttering toast with a baby in one arm! We had just sat down (Tyler was in the shower) when the dog started throwing up. I had been quite proud of myself to sit down with a steaming cup of coffee, a decent breakfast, and two dressed, non-crying kids. I was not prepared to deal with the dog for the second time of day…sigh.

The rest of the morning was less eventful, although I'm quite sure we needed a few more events. A three hour stretch with no solid plans is tough with an active toddler. We had more than a couple time-outs and tantrums. I like being on a schedule, and I've found that our days go much smoother when we know what's coming next. A day with no plans equalled mass destruction of the entire house… multiple times.

I'm going to have to scour pinterest for some indoor toddler activities for the winter, and stock up on my crafting materials. Or maybe get a toddler membership to a gym… something where he can get his energy out! If you have toddler friendly activities please send them my way, I need some inspiration!


Unknown said...

Children's Museum! You can buy membersips - maybe you already have one? - Anyhow, you and Baby Poppy can sit and relax - drink a coffee maybe?? - and Soren can run and play to his heart's content:)

Oh! And Earl Grey Community Club has a Ride n Play twice a week. I'm not sure which days but it will list it on the website if you google. Either of those activities should tire him out. Then maybe you can snag another one of those luscious looking family naps! Looks cozy:)

Unknown said...

I think the has some good ideas for toddlers.