And then there were four


You won't see four of us in these photos, as usual my husband is behind the lens. We spent the morning at Shelmerdine's and they had the greatest Halloween display set up. The decorations were all beautiful, but we breezed past them to get to the kid zone which was complete with a corn maze, zip lines, and a bouncy castle. When it was time to leave even the promise of carrot cake was not enough to lure Soren away. We got a full blown toddler meltdown - and he had to be taken out to the car.

Unfortunately, while in the car settling down, the lights were left on. When we were all ready to leave a little while later, we were greeted with a car that would not start. Picture a car full of grumps - the toddler, the 5-day old, and the tired parents. Actually - I was the only major grump, and after a quick call to roadside assistance we were on our way in about half an hour.

It's funny to call ourselves a family of four now, but in a way it seems like it's always been this way. We're settling in nicely:)


Unknown said...

Hey, brave parents taking a toddler snd a FIVE DAY OLD BABY out to Shelmerdines's!!! Maybeit's not so scary with baby #2?

Eiher way, looks fun! I think we're going to check it out this weekend:)

The Modernista said...

Your babies are perfect! You have such a cute blog, I'm so glad I found it!


Unknown said...

What cuties! Way to go on getting out of the house so soon after giving birth. You're one tough mama.

Matt Voges said...

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