'A portrait of my child, once per week, every week in 2013' - 52 Project

Soren - Just eating some rainbow goldfish crackers, not regular orange ones as he specifically asked for 'rainbow fishies'. This boy and his food choices could drive me crazy, but I'm trying to be optimistic that it is just a phase. We continue to offer him a variety of foods and he continues to refuse them... he tells me that he cannot try new things because they are 'just not too yummy'. sigh.

We have spent the last two days together, him and I. My maternity leave started on Friday, and it's funny how distant working already feels. While I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little girl, I'm also savouring these last couple days of Soren being my only child. It's fun doing everyday errands with him, as he's old enough to behave (most of the time) in stores and asks the funniest questions. He's really quite fun to hang out with! My hope is that I can continue to have meaningful one on one time with him after the baby arrives, even though it will be harder to carve out our own time.


Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Deep in thought. Found you via Jodi. x Katrina


mail4rosey said...

It IS funny how distant work feels when you leave, so quickly!

Have a great weekend and thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

Jovana said...

Love the name Soren- we almost named our son Soren (he is now 18m) and we still sometimes think we should have:)

Tasha said...

I bet he will be a wonderful big brother....well, once the shock of not being the only child anymore wears of first, of course. LOL Best wishes to you and your family during this exciting time.