A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013 - 52 Project

Soren - It was hard to get ANY pictures of him looking at the camera. This guy is busy these days, and does not focus on any one task for longer than a few minutes. Things are changing for him too - tomorrow is his nanny's last day (we will miss her!), and then he will be home with mama full time. We're going to have to find some more playgroups and activities, as a day with a toddler can be looong without some solid plans.

Baby Girl - My guess is she is measuring around 7 pounds this week, as she closes in on 38 weeks. Her kicks and squirms have decreased a lot, as her cozy little space is getting tighter all the time. We're ready to meet this one! The bag is packed, her room is complete, and I will officially be on maternity leave in two days.

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