Thoughts on being 37 weeks pregnant


I'm officially full-term now, although that doesn't mean all that much to me. Soren had to be induced at nearly 42 weeks, so I'll well aware that babies choose when they want to make their arrival. But this birth is bound to be different. I have a repeat c-section scheduled for October 15th, so I already have an 'end date' in site.

My first labour and delivery didn't go that well. If you ask my husband, he will definitely say this is an understatement. In his view, we both almost died (Soren and I) - and the birth experience was one of the worst events of his life. Once we had a healthy baby in our arms his opinion quickly shifted, but fathers memories of births tend not to fade as quickly as mothers do.

I can't honestly say that I want another c-section, although I healed well from my first and had no lingering complications. I would like to experience contractions starting, timing them, and deciding when is the right time to make that journey to the hospital. Now that I am full-term, I would happily welcome this little girl if she decided to make an early entry. I have massage and acupuncture appointments lined up, all designed to get me 'ready for labour'. I will try eating pineapple, and eggplant, and drinking red raspberry tea. I know that none of these 'tricks' will actually put me into labour unless my body is ready, so it's more for fun than anything else.

If I happen to go into labour after eating a pineapple, I'm sure I will be one of those women who swears  that pineapple brings on labour. But if I'm still pregnant on October 14th, I'll bravely gather my things and make my way to the hospital. Surgery seems a lot scarier when you are expecting it, as opposed to how I felt about it after 36 hours of labour. (I was pretty much begging...)

The last few days have felt exhausting, although I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. I still have a few days of work left, after which I will shift my focus to cleaning the house and preparing freezer meals. And of course, I have my first baby to spoil and cuddle and love. He's getting extra kisses these days, as we prepare to meet his baby sister one day very soon.

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