The beginning of fall


To celebrate the first official day of fall we headed to a little pumpkin patch. We stumbled upon this little place three years ago, and since then it's been a yearly tradition. This year we went a bit early - but we may have to make another trip closer to Halloween when we pick up our carving pumpkins. Sunday's trip yielded some cute gourds, two butternut squash for soup, and a couple of sweet pumpkins that will be baked with.

The cooler temperatures have been nice to get some things done around the house. I've been making a lot of soups - this Black Bean Soup is absolutely delicious and we've had it twice within the last week.  I also want to try this Carrot Soup found on Bleubird Vintage. Right now I have a lot of purple and white carrots in my fridge, and I'm wondering how they would turn out in a soup. The taste should be fine, but I wonder about the colour. We shall see - perhaps I'll make a purple soup and try to trick the littlest into believing it's some type of dessert. That kid and his eating habits...

On Friday night Tyler and I enjoyed the most delicious meal at our fave Segovia. If you are in Winnipeg you should not miss their new fall menu! Amazing. We ordered six small plates and each was better than the next. The albacore tuna with lime tahini dressing was probably our top pick, but the cauliflower kasir salad and the king crab bomba rice were amazing too. We had no leftovers.

The start of fall means the season that we will welcome our little girl is upon us. She will be here in 22 days (or less!!) and we absolutely cannot wait. In the meantime, you can find me in the kitchen.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE this place (the pumpkin patch) it's the only place in Winnipeg where I can find white pumpkins! Have to measure the little Raisin again this year!

Glad Segovia was awesome - they know what they're doin!