Sunday Things


After feeling for months like I did not have any baby girl clothes, suddenly I have a ton! I received a few very generous gifts in addition to the odds and ends I've picked up over the course of this pregnancy, so I think this little babe is pretty much set! It was so much fun to wash and fold her tiny items... I can't wait to have her here with me in a few short weeks.

I stopped by Ikea this morning on the hunt for a new (cheap) duvet cover and some curtains for the kids rooms. My trip was somewhat successful, and I picked up a few scented candles for a steal of $1.99 a piece. Apple spiced candles and a good book sounds pretty wonderful to me, right about now.

Continuing the fall inspiration I baked some Pumpkin Cookies last night. They are amazing! Super easy to make, and not too fattening (other than the jumbo chocolate chips I added...). I've got another batch of muffins cooling on the rack right now, as I gear up to stock my freezer before this babe arrives.

I gotta say, football is my least favourite sport, but having the TV on in the background ALL DAY long this Sunday has made it feel more like fall to me. My husband is a huge fan, and for the past five or six years I've baked on Sunday's to the drone of football. It would feel off not to see him lying on the couch - cheering on all of his fantasy players.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday. Shopping,baking and itty bitty baby things! Re: football, I ALMOST liked it today when one of my hubby's proline tickets almost won us $6k - didn't happen though, so I'm back to tolerating the "drone" as well:)
Happy fall!

Unknown said...

Love all those baby clothes, sweet!

Unknown said...

How very exciting to welcome a baby girl into your life. I can see she already has your heart. I am loving the look of those cookies. I cook to the motor racing on a Sunday - it's just a thing too. xx

Unknown said...

Awww, that outfit is adorable!

Ikea has the best candles - it was one of the many reasons I was so pumped they were building one here!


Unknown said...

beautiful! love seeing these snippets of life. wonderful captures. xo

Amy said...

Awe! I love little ones clothes- so cute! Those cookies look good too. Thanks for sharing!

la petite lulu said...

Oh, all these teeny tiny (girl!) clothes - it makes me excited!!!! Not too long to go now mama :)

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! Baskets of little clothes are making me so happy right now.
Sophie x

Unknown said...

Sundays should be about shopping, finding adventures and bargains and baking. It sounded like yours was pefect. Those cookies look amazing.

The Grits Blog said...

The cookies look awesome!! I made some this weekend as well.

Also - I went to bass pro and believe it or not...they had awesome candles!!

Have a happy week!!

~ Ashley w/