September Long Weekend


I was lucky enough to get a four-day weekend, and I was up early on Friday morning starting some lists. I don't normally get much time to myself in the morning, as I'm always up before Tyler and usually am the one to get Soren up and dressed. He's a light sleeper in the mornings, so as soon as he hears me in the bathroom I hear him start talking. On Friday I tiptoed downstairs and made myself a cup of coffee to drink al fresco, in the beautiful morning light.

I am a big list maker, and I wasted no time in starting some lists of things I want to accomplish before the new baby arrives. The new nursery and bedroom are still not complete, but I've set a date of September 15th to get everything done. I may need to bribe some friends and family to help out... likely with baked goods - but I'm confident I can get them completed.

Speaking of baking, I really want to have a fully stocked freezer when this little one arrives. After Soren's birth we quickly realized that the very best present anyone could give us was food - preferably home-cooked meals we could pop in the oven. Over the past two days I've made a loaf of banana bread, a batch of zucchini muffins (with walnuts and chocolate chips), potato-leek soup with massive leeks from the farmers market, and a big pot of turkey chili. About half of these things are currently in the freezer, while we've consumed the other half:) I'm sure there will be plenty of days ahead where I will not feel like cooking, and having some back-up meals in the freezer will be perfect to come home to at the end of a work day.

I can't believe I still have another day off tomorrow - and once again we have no set plans. Today was spent going out for breakfast, visiting two playgrounds and a dog park, and lots of cooking in between. Spending long week-ends with my two favourite boys is the best!


Jennie said...

That picture looks relaxing and yummy!

Karla Do More said...

^Agreed with her !00%! :)

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